Digital Centar was established in 2004 as a graphic design and printing company. The company possesses a skilled team for graphic design and printing, as well as all additional processing on any type of material. Over time, our technological capacities have grown and developed allowing us to both focus on implementing new technologies, and ensuring that we meet environmental standards.
The company aims to strengthen its position by introducing new models of printers which further complements the goals of the company to increase productivity and provide a wide range of divers services, thus trying to develop on existing and as well on the new markets. This has enabled us to fulfill the requirements and needs of our clients for a fast and high quality, cost-effective service.
The company provides the option to print on Solvent, Latex and water colors, as well as to print on UV printers. Depending on the requirements and the wishes of the client, we can print everything from the smallest labels to products with width of up to 5 meters and unlimited length, with a daily capacity of 5000 m2
We also have implemented the required ISO standards: ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, and ISO 14001 :2004 Environmental Management System.
With regards to overall range of products and services, Digital Centar can offer its extensive and long-lasting experience in the manufacturing of totems, regular and 3D light boxes, and as well Styrofoam light boxes, aluminum displays and Plexiglas holders, as well as in branding of cars, buses, trucks and buildings.
All our past and present products and projects are proof enough of our intentions and continuous effort to provide You with the best quality in printing and graphic design.
We can help You make your ideas a reality in the easiest and fastest possible way you can imagine.